My life after Hands-on Parenting

Hands-on Parenting was an idea which was brought together by a group of parents to help their kids with basic life skills and any academic needs.

I joined Hands-on Parenting over a year ago and have been a part of it since then. We met weekly at our friend’s house and learned/discussed different topics for about 3hrs with a short break in between.

Now, after almost 12 months, I can see how my life has changed thanks to Hands-on Parenting. My written expression has improved dramatically, which has helped me excel in English at school. Weekly we are given a topic to write a blog post on and publish them on the hands-on parenting site.

Since this was a group activity, my social skills and verbal skills grew tremendously, which was beneficial for me in all walks of life. We did several projects together as a group and some of them are:

  1. A play on a story which was written about life in 2040.
  2. A game built using a game builder.
  3. Presentations on different topics.
  4. Tinker Box projects.

I have learned a lot from Hands-on Parenting and it is always exciting to see as to what is in store next.

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