my life after hands on parenting

My life after hands on parenting

It was 2019 when my dad and his friends decided to make study group. We started off as 3 families but kept on adding up. The dads gave us a website called hands on parenting. On that website you could write blogs and view other people’s blogs who were signed up. The dads gave us a topic each week to write a blog post about it on hands on parenting. Well a year has passed since we have been going to this study group and using the website.

Projects we did:

We did loads of projects………

  • Why should I be the president
  • My life in 2040
  • Water powered cars
  • We made a race track using the app called builders.
  • One of the dads bought tinker boxes each month.( We have made two till now.)


  • First we had maths and science but now we don’t.


  • We get to meet with our friends.
  • We learned new things like about the solar system, about the jury and many more.
  • We do lots of projects.

This was my life after hands on parenting. I really enjoyed this group because it was really fun to learn about new things.

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