The Thirteen Ghosts

Title: The Thirteen Ghosts.   Author: Geronimo Stilton

This book is about a story wrote by a mouse named: Creepella Von Cacklefur, the story’s name is: thirteen ghosts found in a haunted house. So it started when Geronimo was out late, going into his office called, The Rodents Gazzette. That was when he saw a mysterious figure outside his window in the fog. That figure was a bat, Creepella’s pet bat named: Bitewing. Bitewing scared Geronimo really badly that Geronimo fainted, then afterwards he woke up and found a note in his little claws. He took it and Bitewing told him it was from Creepella and she wanted Geronimo to publish it. Everyone started running into Geronimo’s office in the morning to read the story, but all of them said the phrase: strange, but thrilling!

Creepella’s story:

First Creepella talked about where she lived which was Gloomeria, then she started with her story. Creepella is a journalist, so she wanted to write an article that would fascinate the readers. She wanted to write an article about ghosts, but first she needed to get ready first. So first she asked her magical wardrobe which outfit would be perfect for a very gloomy day, then the wardrobe gave her a plain black dress. After that she put some cream and some perfume, then she wrote a note and hung outside of her door, the note said: Do Not Disturb! No matter what! I am writing an article. No visitors allowed including: bats, cockroaches, mummies, werewolves, etc. –Creepella Von Cacklefur.

As soon as she sat down there was a knock on the door, her butler came in and told her that breakfast was served/ready. Afterwards there was another knock, it was Madame Latomb the family housekeeper, she wanted to know why Creepella was skipping breakfast then Creepella replied that she was writing an article. Then Chef Stewart came into the room and asked Creepella if she didn’t want to eat breakfast because she hated his stew, after a few seconds the chef started to cry. Then Creepella’s niece, Shivereen told her to just come and eat breakfast so that chef Stewart could be happy. After breakfast she went to Grandpa Frankenstein’s Study. Then Creepella found a note that talked about ghosts. It said that Sqeakspeare Mansion was haunted by many ghosts, Creepella was so excited that she went right away, and Shivereen came with her. When they got there they found a rodent named Billy who is an author of romantic novels. He told Creepella and Shivereen that he was creeped out because of the house, he said it was very haunted. Then they forced Billy to go inside, then after roaming around the house, they found a secret passageway which led to a maze and then led to……the 13 ghosts home! But first they found 12 sitting on a table, their names are: Simon Snootysnout – Butler, Bob Woodmouse – Carpenter, Miss Dustmop – housekeeper, Hank Hammerat – blacksmith/locksmith, Bonnie Ragu – cook, Ted Trimmertail – Gardner. Ned Needles – Tailor, Dreamella Airhead – maid, Gus Sip – caretaker, Leggy – spider artist, Buzzila – toothless mosquito, and Arf – sleepwalking dog. Afterwards Billy told the ghosts that he is a writer, then all the ghosts got really shocked and they gave him a pile of papers telling him to make a book for them. Then they said they’ll let him stay as long as the thirteenth ghosts agrees. Then Arf the sleepwalking dog took them all the way to the thirteenth ghost. Then when Billy went in he recognised immediately who it was, it was his great great great uncle William. Then Creepella just interrupted and did some interviews with the ghost/s. Then, of course Billy was aloud to stay in the mansion, but there was one problem the ghosts would always work in the night! That was really annoying for Billy, but he got used to it. The End Of The Story!

After Geronimo published the story it went wild, Geronimo was flooded with fan mails. He congratulated Creepella and told that her story was a truly thrilling bestseller!

The End! I hope you enjoyed!

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