I have been reading this new book called ugly. It’s about a person named Robert ( it’s a true story written by Robert). When Robert was born one of his legs was small and the other one was big. He didn’t have a nose and his nostrils were built in his skin. Robert’s eyes were very close together. When Robert was born his mum didn’t want to keep him. Because he was too…ugly. Robert was kept in the hospital for weeks. When his siblings got to see him they insisted to keep him.

Robert finally went home after a month. 2 years later his doctor suggested to his parents to do one of the biggest surgeries ever performed in Australia. They would chop Robert’s foot and leg of, move his eyes closer and build a nose out of his toe. There was a chance of him, not being able to survive, but luckily Robert survived. He looked better but his nose was very… flat.

This surgery took a year to plan and took 3 days to finish doing it. After that, they put on an artificial leg and a foot.

It was time to start school. I wonder if the kids will make fun of OR not.

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