documentry report

Title: 2040

Director:  Damon Gameau

Screen play: Damon Gameau

Ratings: 5 out of 5


Damon Gameau is concerned about his daughter’s future. So he travels the world in search of new solutions towards global warming. Along the journey he shows us to the worlds we can experience if we do and do not take care of global warming. In a small village of Bangladesh he discovers a new technology that they invented that nobody else would have thought of. The invention was called micro grid. This technology allowed all house to be connected with a device. This device controlled electricity. So if someone wanted electricity they would buy it from that person and they receive it through that device. The main focus for this move and invention was to promote a sustainable earth for future generation.


I really found this film interesting as it gave me an insight to what earth might look in future. I would recommend you all to watch it and act to it.

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