Get into gear, Stilton!

Title: Get into gear, Stilton!

Author: Geronimo Stilton 

This book is about a robot car named Sol, and a rodent named Professor Von Volt invented him. At the start Geronimo as usual forgets to introduce himself, he goes for a walk and suddenly a car crashes into him! He finds out that he broke his tail afterwards. Then the mayor calls him and his grandpa (William Shortpaws) to come to his office, then the mayor tells them both that there would be a festival about driving safely.
But… Geronimo’s licence expired and he already forgot how to drive! Then he asks his best friend Petunia Pretty Paws, and she tells him to get driving lessons. Then he listens and meets an instructor named: Ratt Carr, at first he makes millions of mistakes but he keeps on improving. But once when he was driving there was a car that zoomed past and vanished, then Ratt started acting weird. What do you think is going to happen next? Read this book to find out what happens in the book.


I hope you enjoyed!

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