7 Days- Eve Ainsworth

So I was given a book from school to read with a group and had to discuss it with them later on. It was very good and I want to tell you why.

The plot…

The book is about a girl named Jess, a shy girl who lives in a small apartment with her sister and mother. She gets bullied about her body by a girl named Kez, who is popular lives in a good house but has an abusive dad. The thing that makes this book so interesting is the twist. Kez begins to feel the effects of her bullying as she begins to think she’s a horrible person and later on tries to commit suicide, but is saved by Jess in the end.

The execution..

The style of the book makes it feel like you’re in the book and are a friend of both of them, listening to their problems, situations, and perspectives of both of them.

7 Days is an interesting book and I would recommend it to anyone 13+.

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