Dork diaries Frenemies Forever

Since I had to return ugly I decided to borrow a different book.

Nikki Maxwell is in a school exchange program. When Nikki gets to her new school she doesn’t expect that her enemy would be there too. McKenzie. The moment Nikki walked into the school she saw that someone named Tiffany was waiting for her. Little does Niki know that she is one of McKenzie’s friends. She insisted on being her best friend. After Nikki got to know her better she realised that she took photos every 10 minutes. It got annoying. One day while Tiffany was texting her friend in the hallway, she accidentally bumped into a guy. Clearly Tiffany wasn’t watching her way but she didn’t seem to be able to take the blame for it.

“HEY WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING” exclaimed Tiffany. That’s when thing started to fall apart. Nikki isn’t “best friends” with Tiffany anymore and now they start to give her dirty looks. Nikki figured out who Tiffany was and was feeling glad that she had finally had figured.

I wonder what will happen next.

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