Tomorrow, When The War Began.

Tomorrow, When The War began is a book about a group of teenagers that go into the bush to camp and have fun, and when they return they find there is no one, anywhere. Every one of their pets (apart from one or two) are dead. They explore further, and they spot some guerillas from some unknown country. They return to the bush (after some close encounters) with some supplies. They send scouts, and when the scouts don’t return, go out to fetch them. They find one of them with a bullet wound and hatch a daring plan to rescue them. They succeed with this plan, and then they return to the bush. They then lounge around, form some relationships, and plan for long term. They then send out more scouts. They spend some time scouting out where there supply train is coming from, and how to disrupt it. They decide on driving a gasoline tanker and blowing it up. They ultimately succeed. This book is the first of many.
Personally, this book should be for year 7’s and above, because it has sexual stuff in it. You can buy this book at:
The book series is also a TV show, (available on Netflix) and a movie.

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