How I improved my relationship with my sibling

This week I tried to be more nice to my sibling. I also tried to talk to him more and play games that he liked. I noticed that he tried to help me more in games I didn’t know how to play. It was a lot of fun playing mini basketball with my brother. I think we still have to improve a little more. Next time I could stop asking him to play with me when he is busy. Maybe next time he shouldn’t get angry that easily.

What activities we did

  • We played tag ( I screamed a lot)
  • Played UNO, I found that fun
  • Played mini basketball
  • Ahmad taught me how to play NBA 2K

One thought on “How I improved my relationship with my sibling

  • November 9, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    good job saba. I think you could have written some things you good improve on. otherwise i liked it.

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