Improving my relationship with my siblings

These are things I did with my siblings (this week) that made our relationship stronger.
Pillow Wars
My siblings and I played Pillow Wars. It was really fun. Sometimes we played in teams (that was a bit uneven) but most of the time we played FFA. Whenever we play teams I and my sister are on a team. I barely ever win (Ahmed always wins, just about.)
Giggles is my pet cat. A few days ago there was a storm and our cat’s bed went missing so we went to go find it (we found it in the end.) 
We all play as entertainment and its fun and a game we all know how to play. Ahmed introduced it to me and Fatima last year and we have been playing it since.
I and my siblings watch YouTube together because we like the same type of things (even though we have a large, kind of age gap)
Board Games
We always play Ludo together but we don’t really finish our games.
Next week I might:
• Listen to my brother more
• Play with my sister more
• Do things that involve all of us

One thought on “Improving my relationship with my siblings

  • November 9, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    I loved our blog. i think you could have improved by adding stuff that you shouldn’t do like fight with your siblings.

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