My sibling relationship!…

  • I sat with Zubair and taught him how to make loom band bracelets…(don’t ask)
  • I played games with him, including chess, ludo, monopoly etc.
  • I did mini challenges with him
  • We went to DFO and i spent the a lot of time with Zubair and my sister
  • We tied a loom band rope to each other to see how long we can stay tied together
  • Whilst we were tied together we talked and played the communicating game things we learned.
  • We communicated like the video and also taught each other different things

Things I could improve on in the future:

  • Be a bit nicer
  • Play more games with him
  • Don’t always tell off him…
  • Keep his secrets ( even though he has none )
  • Go to places like the park with him

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  • November 10, 2019 at 9:15 am

    Good job! This was probably a blog which I have no feedback to give

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