Me and my brother

So in this weeks session we talked about sibling relationships.We focused on the topic of how to treat them.We talked about they are our best friends because you share most things in common.Like your parents, house, places to go, stories etc.The dads told us thing on how to strengthen our relationships with our siblings. Then Amir uncle gave us a task to do more with our sibling and bond with them more.

As you may know I have a seven-year-old brother named Eisa. Mme and him usually don’t get along but this week it was not that bad.For a first we played activities together. Like table tennis, catch, games we make up.I also helped him with his homework.Usually my mum sits with him but this week I sat and helped him work through his homework.We both stopped telling each other off and we attempted to fix the problem by our selves.

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