Week # 33 – Final session of the year

This was our final session for the year as most families head out for holidays.

We just did a quick recap of the year and went through the good and the not-so-good things about the sessions.

Good Stuff

  • Game builder
  • Grafitti
  • Tinker box
  • Learning to use power tools
  • Maths and Sciency stuff
  • Public speaking
  • Jury day
  • Having friends

Not-so-good Stuff

  • Presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Blog
  • Self-Introduction Videos
  • Leadership roles
  • The play

We went through why the not-so-good stuff felt that way. The main issue has been that it put them out of their comfort zone, however, they all agreed that those things actually did help them.

The presentations and public speaking helped some kids talk in front of their class better. The writing skills have improved because of the blog. The leadership roles have made them understand how it’s hard to make teams work.

Overall it was all positive and we all agreed that next year we will continue to work on the difficult stuff so it becomes easy. We will, however, add more outdoor activities.

Pretty pleased with the candid conversations we had, hoping to make things even better next year when we return in February.

Sibling Relationships

The kids also talked about how they actually made their relationship better with their siblings. How thinking about it and working on it made things just nicer at home for everyone. Hopefully, they can continue on this journey even during the holidays.

Tinker Box

The kids didn’t have the opportunity to put together the new Tinker box last week so they started this week and will finish it at some point next week at the lunch party at Ali uncles house.

Blog Post and Communication

The kids have been instructed to continue writing their blog posts every week and also try to stay in touch with each other during the break.

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