Reflection- how the past year has gone

This past year the lessons have been great. I think we’ve all grown so much as writers, thinkers and in general knowledge. Looking back at what I could do before and what I can do now, the changes are drastic. I’m going to talk about what we’ve done so far, what I’ve loved, what was interesting, what I disliked and what I hope to see for the foreseeable future.

What I’ve loved…

Things like going out and spray painting legally in a park was so much fun. It was something different as we went outside and had fun as well as being productive and creative. I also loved the Game builder as we were all interacting with each other online over a game. I think online game interactions should e more consistent for the activities given from these lessons. But things like graffiti and doing things on the outside should be done once every few weeks as we get a different taste and feel from these lessons.

What was interesting…

One of the most interesting things, in my opinion, was the most interesting thing that we’ve ever done. We were given a situation and we had to separate ourselves based on our opinion. The situations were complicated n gave us something to argue about, which made things even more complicated. It was fun and interesting at the same time. I also thought the Tinker Boxes were cool as well, we built different things as a group which I found really interesting.

What I disliked…

I disliked the play and the presentation but I will admit that although they put me out of my comfort zone, they did help me and because of the activities, my speaking really improved drastically.

I’ve really liked the lessons so far and am excited to get back into the next year.

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