This year

This year we started hands on parenting with three families.Me and Eisa , Ahmad and Saba,Alamgir,Mahnoor and Shaherbano. In the beginning it took a little getting used to.Getting used to the families, the work, the homework everything.I felt in the beginning that I knew the least.I thought that the sessions where a waste of time.

Then as we progressed I saw in school and at home that these sessions helped me. I understood things more and learnt new things that where actually used in school.They also gave me a chance to talk to people in our Thursday calls..

Our group started to become bigger but it also began becoming more fun for all of us.We all help each other whether it is related to the sessions or just Personally.

These sessions have given me a lot of things, friends, knowledge and something to look back at as an achievement.

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