Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?

Students’ textbooks should be replaced by digital notebooks. The world is heading towards an era which will be ruled by technology. Students need to be familiarized by the tools they are going to use in the future and need to be taught the necessary skills to use them.

There are many benefits to the use of computer over traditional hard copy books. Using computers allows us to gain knowledge which is limited to books or what our teachers know. It allows easy access to numerous materials. Most modern jobs contain some sort of digital element and using commuters help prepare kids for it. Having everything digital means that students can access their work from any device even if they forget theirs at home.

The issue with using textbooks is that sometimes the information available there is not the most accurate or up to date and printing new ones for a small change is too expensive for the companies. Whereas online the books can be updated at any time without any problem.

Laptops are very beneficial but rules and regulations are needed just any electronic device. Students need to be taught about the potential dangers of using these devices but also need to be taught as to how they can avoid them.

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