What we have done in Pakistan so far ╰(*°▽°*)╯

So far we haven’t really done much but we have done a few things. When we came out of the airport I saw my Mum’s cousin, Sadia apa. Then I saw her son named Ali. I also saw both of my Aunties named Kiran and NainTara. Their nicknames are Dummoo and Poppy. Last but not least I saw my cousins, Ayesha, Usman, and Ibrahim. I saw my Uncle when we got in the car.

We when home in 2 different cars because all of us couldn’t fit in one. I got home and slept at 2:00 am since our flight landed very late. The following days we visited Sadia Apa’s house and my Mum’s aunty’s house, her name we call her Sabiha Kalah.

So far that’s all I have done but in the future, we will do more.

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