My trip to Pakistan just got a whole lot better!

We recently arrived in Pakistan for a holiday and we’ll be here for around three months. We’ve recently ended our first week and things just got a whole lot more exciting because our uncle who lives in Canada just arrived in Pakistan. We haven’t seen him for 5 years and now all of us are together. I’ve also become very close with my cousins Aysha, Usman and Ibrahim.

My cousins…

I’ve begun to play with them a little more and they seem to like it. But, it does become a nuisance after a while because all they do is follow you around lol. Although, I’m okay with it and I don’t care as much.

My uncle…

As I said, my uncle came from Canada a few days ago and he’s made everything so much more fun. His name is Muhammad Ali and him and I stay up till 3:00 am just watching movies most nights and just talk. His funny jokes have made the house a lot brighter in my eyes and everyone seems calmer. He also brought a whole suitcase filled with lollies and chocolate. I sometimes sneak around and steal a bit here and there once in a while :).

This week has become extremely exciting and I’ve become much happier because of my uncle’s arrival.

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