The abandoned road

the thunderstruck down near the car, when Henry got a jump scare. The car went to the side of the road and almost got off it. He was going to Canberra to visit his sisters.

A couple of hours had passed by when Henry noticed something wrong with his back tyre. He quickly stopped the car and tried fixing it but it didn’t work because of his spare tyre wasn’t pumped up. He sat down beside the road and waiting for someone to arrive. After a while, he stood up and started walking down the long slippery road. When he saw a sign saying DON’T ENTER DESERTED ISLAND! Henry started panicking. he looked around, noticing that there was nothing but sand and dried trees near him. he thought that probably nobody would come near this area because of the sign he saw!

He kept on walking down the long road when he saw an emergency dial phone. Henry ran he knew this was his last hope. He picked up the phone and called ‘000’. Henry was discombobation ( confused) because no body answered the call. Henry was about to put away the phone when someone said: ” Hello, who is this?” Henry got excited and told the police officer everything that had happened.

Soon they came and rescued Henry and also surprisingly they fixed his tires for free. After that day Henry always looked carefully for any signs and also for his tires.

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