So recently i went traveling.I am currently in Pakistan. my flight was a few days a ago.I first had a 15 hour flight to Dubai. We went to Dubai for 9 hours because we flew through Emirates. A few days before the flight i found out the my close friend/classmate was on the same plane with me.So when we where on the plane we where just hanging out. While we were in Dubai, we stayed at my mums best friends house.I played with her german shepard a lot . Eisa and my dad drove her ferrari. After that we went to the mall because it was black friday!

Then we had our three hour flight to Dubai. Me and Eisa slept the whole way. We reached Islamabad at one, where our uncle picked us up. He took us to my aunts house where i am now. It has been two days i am here. I have played and hanged out with my cousins. Right now i am sitting, drinking a 1.5 liter mountain dew and writing my blog.

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