Perilous Quest

Hi there, I am on my way to Transylvania. You might be wondering why to go to such an awful place when you can go to France or England. well, you see two days ago we received a news report saying “burglar on lose, keep windows and doors closed.” At that time was scared until they told us his name Pinki. The first thing that came to my mind was that we would keep a name like that. This might be just a joke.

I overlooked it and the next day someone stole my special pen. See that when I vowed to myself that I will not sleep until I kill that robber.

It was 12:30 when I got of the plane. Now you might be questioning yourselves how did I even know where he is. When pinkie left my room he left his map and his belongings. So that’s how I got here.

After following the map for a long time. I came across a two-way road. It didn’t say which way to go. So I took the right road. 2 hours later I realized that I had been on the same road for ages. The map clearly showed that I’m going the right way. Just to save time I walked through the field to get to the other side.

As I was walking I fell into a deep hole. I didn’t know exactly know how deep it was because I was falling for ages. A few hours later I dropped on a floor mat. As I got up I observed my surrounding I realized I had reached my destination.

I grabbed my bag and filled it up with as many things as possible. Suddenly I heard a noise. Looking around and saw pinki. I didn’t have any weapons so I decided to run. I leapt out of a door and looked Pinki in. Ever since that day, nobody saw him again.

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