what is your weakest quality? do you want to change it? why?

One of my weakest quality is nail-biting, and I want to change it but it’s so hard not to bite them. The reason why I want to change this habit is because it deforms my hands. Did you know that if you keep on nail-biting your nail will stop growing and you would have to get a surgery?

Another weakest quality of mine is public speaking. I am not very good at public speaking because when I’m talking in front of lots of people I get nervous and then I can’t concentrate.

Fun Fact:

If you are nervous you start sweating and you also start rubbing your hands together.

negatives for nail-biting:

Your nails will start burning after a few days.

I will hurt a lot

To conclude, I would say that these two were my top weakest qualities and I hope I can change them. What are your two weakest qualities?

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