My writing pieces and progression so far.

So recently I’ve begun writing a few pieces which are based on random prompts that I’ve been given. So far I’ve written 5 and I want to tell you about my progression and what the pieces are about.

The 5 pieces that I’ve written are based on these prompts:

1-Do you ever feel like you can say things on the internet that you wouldn’t say in real life? Why or Why not?

2- Write about how technology has changed the way students learn

3- Do you think you would enjoy being famous? Why or Why not?

4- What would a house of the future look like?

5- When the dinosaurs returned…


I think slowly my skill will develop and allow me to execute my ideas on to the paper. But I do think that my creativity has improved much quicker than I thought. I realised this when I wrote my most recent piece, “When the dinosaurs returned…”, I came up with the idea that I worked in a museum and the newest exhibit of dinosaurs had skeletons that turned into real dinosaurs one day. The interesting thing is that I had a clear vision of what should be in the piece in less than 5 minutes. It usually takes me 20 minutes to come up with an idea but my ability to develop and create an idea has improved very quickly.

I hope that I see more improvement in myself over time and become an exponentially better writer than I am today.

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