What I did this week

This week I went to the grocery store called Alfatah. I got a watermelon scented shampoo and conditioner, 4 packets of 🧀 Cheeto’s and that’s it.

My brother, my mom, I went with my Mum’s friend Ambreen and her kids Ali and Mustafa, to a trampoline park named Fun-co. It was a lot of fun jumping on the trampolines and there was also an obstacle named Ninja Warrior. There were monkey bars that went up and down, the goal is getting to the top of the obstacle. The thing I enjoyed the most was the foam pit. You had to jump on the trampoline and dive into the foam pit. They had a game where you had to jump and the buttons that lit up, you had to press them. It was hard to press the button all the way at the top even when there was a trampoline underneath it.

The trampoline park was the most epic 😎. Hope you have a fun Sunday!

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