My drawing classes- how I’ve progressed.

So I’ve started doing these drawing classes while I’m in Pakistan for my holiday. I’ve only done two classes but I would like to give you my first impressions of what the class is like.


The place that I’m taking these classes is in an institute by the name of Hunerkada. They have a wide range of courses for artists from Drawing to Textile Design. I decided to take a course in drawing in order to grow and develop my skills in one of my favourite things to do. The classes go for around two and a half hours from Monday to Wednesday. However, because of the fact that we applied, later on, I have done two of the three classes this week.

The first class- my beginning impression of the course

The first class was very interesting I would say, it was very different from the other classes I’ve attended. Rather than focusing on drawing in the very beginning by getting them to draw whatever they want, we focused on linework instead. He got me to fill the page with one-stroke, as straight as possible lines. Then the teacher got me to do the same for diagonal, curved and horizontal lines. It was very difficult at first but after a while, my line-work developed into something much more accurate and smooth. I really liked the classes so far as they were so different from other classes.

The second class- simplicity and smoothness

The second class was about taking different forms and composing patterns around the form through the line-work I was taught about in the previous class. I liked the class very much as well.

I hope these classes take me to places beyond what I imagined they would. The classes have already improved my skill greatly and I think the classes will take it even further.

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