The main events in this week

I really enjoyed this week because my Aunty got me a big, beautiful tent. It has 5 curtains on the outside and it has enough space for me to stand up. There is an image of the tent where the title is written. Sometimes my cousins and I have tea parties in it. But sometimes I accidentally spill water on it. When it dries there becomes an of where it used to be. It is very hard to clean.

Sadia apa got me 2 dresses. 1 is coloured blue and the other one is dark purple. I find them sooo pretty because of the designs and patterns. My Aunty, Grandma and I went to the nursery. We got a lot of roses. The next day when we went to plant them I smelt the roses. They smell just like Turkish delight. Yum!

Those are the main things I did this week. I am very thankful for my Aunty and Sadia apa for giving such beautiful presents when the didn’t have to.

I hope you have a good Sunday!

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