The last full week of 2019- Refection

We’re in the last week of 2019 and I want to review how this year has gone for me. When it comes to progression and growth I’ve come a long way. The main events of this year are going to France and the new Hands-on Parenting group. They made me two times better than who I was in the past.

Hands-on Parenting

A group of parents had an idea to form a group that gave their children the education of what would be most valuable when it came to being put out into the real world. We always complained about being taught the same things repeatedly and this group gave us the ability to learn something different. We learnt how to create and present slideshows, we also developed the confidence to perform in front of audiences. It gave us an insight into real-world problems and situations as well.

Going to France…

I went to France and it gave me the chance to take up responsibilities and take care of myself. The language barrier confronted me with a problem when it came to communicating with the host families. My fear of confronting a problem like this made me hesitant to even go for the school trip. But in reality, it made the trip twice as much interesting. We got to go to a French school, go sightseeing and I also got to meet with my auntie who came to see me. I was given the chance to take care of myself with no family whatsoever and it turned out that I could do so.

I realise that 2019 has helped me grow in ways I didn’t think was possible. It will be really interesting to see what 2020 holds for me.

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