2020- My New Years Resolution

It is now 2020, we have finally entered a new decade. I’ve decided to make my own New Years Resolution.

My Art Goals

My art has progressed rapidly in the past few years, I’ve learned to do so much like spreading acrylics across a canvas to create amazing designs as well as elevating my drawing to the next level. I want to work on my realism in order to be able to draw people with ease.

Suzanne Cory

This year I also want to make it into Suzanne Cory and pass the entrance exam as well as the audition. I think I have the ability to easily pass the entrance exam, but I will need to work for it, which I am ready to do.

My English and Writing

Throughout this trip, I’ve been doing many writing pieces and I think they’ve allowed my English skills to grow considerably. It also has made me much more fond of writing than I was before. At first, I really did hate writing and just wanted to get it over and done with when given the task. Although, recently I’ve begun to like writing. I hope to grow further in my writing as well this year.

I’ve set myself three goals for this year and I will live up to what I’ve set for myself.

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