The magic glasses

Hello, my name is Lisa. Today I am going to talk about the time I got the magic glasses and how they changed my life.

I was playing fetch with my dog Scruffy. But this time a threw the ball further away. I threw it so hard that I tripped and my glasses fell. As I tried to find them, Scruffy came running with the ball and stepped on my glasses! I’m practically blind without them. We had to get a new pair. “Mom, Scruffy broke my glasses! Can we go get new ones?” I shouted. “Fine” she replied. Since I can’t see without my glasses, my Mom gave me the spare ones. They are hideous. They were given to me by my Aunty. I feel bad saying they’re hideous, but it’s true. This what they look like.⬇

See what I mean? That’s why they are called the “spares”. The horrible thing was that the glasses shop was 1 hour away. “How could this day get worse?” I thought. While we were driving there I saw a glowing light coming from, what I thought, nowhere. As the car went forward I saw that that light was coming from a new glasses shop. We decided to go there instead. Its called “Glasses Boutique”

In the Glasses Boutique

I walked in the shop and I must say their customer service splendid. “Which pair does your heart desire”. I didn’t like any of them. I’m serious. Should I tell him or not, someone had to so why a not? “Actually my heart doesn’t desire any of them” I explained. The man didn’t look sad he was still happy. He went to the staff only room and grabbed a fancy box. The box looked more like a treasure chest. He opened the box with a key. Those were the most beautiful glasses I have ever seen. I put them on and saw the strangest thing and the most astonishing thing in the world!

To be continued…

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