The magic glasses (part 2)

Here is the link for part 1 of this story!

I could see what everyone was thinking. I know what you’re thinking, How can you see what people are thinking? Well, if you look at someone straight in the eye while having the glasses on, On top of their head a little bubble will pop up, in that bubble it will say what they are thinking! Isn’t that cool? Of course, I had to get them. Before we started our payment for the glasses my Mom told the story of how my dog broke them. You won’t believe what happens next! The shopkeeper felt so bad that he gave the glasses for free! Here is exactly what he said, “oh I’m soo sorry! You know what, take these glasses for free! Now don’t feel bad..go on, goodbye!” he said as we left. I’m sorry! I forgot to tell you how they look, hey here’s a picture of them.⬇

Gold Framed Eyeglasses

I love my glasses! Now, whenever a teacher looks at my test at school, I’ll know if I did well or not just looking at what they are thinking! I’m so grateful. For having these glasses. I better be careful playing fetch my dog. You’re not getting magic glasses for free anytime soon!

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