The most charitable cause

Education is one of the most important building blocks of life. Take air as an example without it you can’t live. Same goes for education without it a person can’t read or communicate. Everybody has a right to learn yet 39% of the world wide poor have no formal education. 

Poverty is one of the main issues around the globe I believe we should all help out, without books or school, living in this world would be impossible. There would be no technology, no jobs and no inventions. 

Furthermore, without education life would be nothing. The cars you drive, the building you visit are all invented with the help of education. With education countries like Tajikistan will no longer be the poorest. The world would be a better place. With education, there would be increased economic growth and stability. It would help us improve our personal life and societies run smoothly. We would live longer, fuller and happier lives s knowledgeable people. 

Without education, a human would lack the 3 most important skills, patience, communication and being able to show good collaboration skills. Many charities are trying to solve this issue. If the whole world chipped in we could resolve this quickly. 

In the end, I strongly believe that education is the most important cause. Without it, life wouldn’t be worth living. I would recommend a donation to help solve this cause.

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