what’s outside my window

A cold breeze blew across my face when I opened up my window. It was freezing! I quickly put on a coat.
I lived in Canada where in winters it use to snow. Everybody use to wait for this season to come. But I didn’t get it. What was so special about winter? It just makes your nose runny and you get sick.
Everybody likes to open their windows on the first day of winter, to fell all the love in the air. But again I don’t get it.
One day like every year it was winter. I was so tired when I heard laughing and screaming from outside. I got up and looked outside them were kids playing in the snow. “Why are they playing this freezing cold weather? I said to myself” It’s just dumb.”
After a while, a snow storm came in and covered up all the houses with snow. It was getting really cold.
The sun would never come out. It was like the sun was too lazy to get up. I have to wait for about 3 months so that the sun would come out again.
I like summer because then you can go to water parks and beaches. Well, that’s what I call fun. I also like summer better than winter because you can’t do somethings, for example; going into the ocean, you can’t
have picnics, you can’t go out for bike riding and having a water gun or water balloon fight.
In summer they are some awesome fruits like, mango, watermelon, grape, pineapple, plum, strawberries, guava, papaya, etc. to conclude I would say that for me summer is the best or at least better than winter. I can’t wait till summer comes.
Fun fact:

In summer the days are longer than in winter!

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