The house on Emerald Street {part 2}

If you haven’t read part one here is the link:

I saw a ghost! It was tall almost transparent, it looked a little bit like my grandpa. May also started feeling scared. Well, what are the chances of that! All of a sudden the ghost disappeared! May and I decided to explore the house. It wasn’t quite so spooky on the inside until we walked into the hallway. I saw a sign that said “do not enter”, we still decided to go in. I don’t regret it, it was pretty cool! May and I went inside the room. It was almost as if a witch lived there. There was a pot, a few potions, a bookshelf with loads of books on it, I noticed that the floor was wet. When we walked in the room a bell was ringing. “Could this mean that someone is living here?” May and I thought.

In that room the was another door we went inside. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” 😱 we screamed. We saw an old, wrinkly, green, lady with a big wart on her nose, she was wearing a black dress and a pointy hat, holding a book and potion. “It’s a witch!” we yelled.

Stay tuned for next week as the story will be finished.

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