My essays- the Final Four

So, I was given the task of writing 50 essays within the time of my two month holiday. Throughout this long process of writing 1-2 essays a day and I’ve learnt a lot and have seen a tremendous improvement in my ability to write. I’ve acquired the ability to come up with an elaborate mental plan of the piece just by looking at the prompts. For example, I turned one prompt into a story about a monstrous house that consumed the kids in the neighbourhood and I already had the whole story sketched out in my head.

The Final Four

I’ve done 46 essays with 2 weeks left of my holiday which has left me with four more essays waiting to be written. I have no idea what they will be about but it leaves me extremely excited to finish off this goal.

What I hope to improve even more on

My ability has improved, but there is still a long way to go. I hope to improve on leaving a more vivid image to the reader about the scene that I’m describing. I want them to completely visualise the scene that the story is set in. However, I don’t want to stuff details into the piece. I want to space them out so then the reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

This month has been an insane journey for my writing, it’s been tough, but I’ve improved a lot more than I imagined.

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