outside my window

Looking down through the window it seemed as if it was yesterday when the sky appeared dull all day. It’s March 2020 now and the sun is blinding our eyes. Standing in the sky, head held high was the sun, ferociously staring down at the world.

It’s truly a pain opening your window curtains. It feels as if you’re a vampire hissing when the sun rays penetrate your soft innocent skin. See the thing is due to climate change our ozone layer is pretty broken down. As a result, when the sun irate we have to suffer. Since I live near the equator it gets fairly hot. As a consequence, most of the trees remain dry for nearly a year. If you look outside carefully you might get a chance to see the strong heat waves. Hardly anyone comes out during the day.

Every morning the first thing that comes to my mind is whether it will rain or not. I don’t know why I question myself the answer always remains the same. If your luck turns out to be good it might just rain that month. Even if it does it only takes you the time to say the word “fresh” in order for land to be dry again. I don’t really get why the government built all these parks. Nobody ever uses them.

In order to even sit on a bench you would need to make of steel. Nevertheless, it takes you a split second to burn your skin. I wonder if the sun is so hot when it’s mad what it does when it’s happy. I am pretty sure you’re questioning yourself “why not just go to a pool or the beach.” Well, the answer is pretty straight forward. The water is too hot. It’s like when you turn a hot tub up to its full capacity. Even if you pour cool water it would take a couple of minutes for it to warm up.

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