The last week in Pakistan

So I’ve been on a holiday for a little more than two months in Pakistan to visit my family on the maternal side. In this time I took on a course for drawing as well as writing 50 essays while I’m here. We also celebrated our mum and auntie’s birthdays while we were here as well. It’s been a really fun time while we’ve been here and I want to give you an overview of what we did.

Academic progression

As you know, I have hopes to go to a high school by the name of Suzzane Cory, but, in order to get enrolled in the school, you have to take an entrance exam. The entrance exam is extremely difficult, so I have to be ready, which is why I did 50 essays on these holidays as Writing is my weak spot.

I also took up a drawing course, which turned out to be really handy and it helped improve my drawings dramatically as well as getting rid of the fact that I do not know how to use colour pencils. It’s been a really good course and I hope to take up more like the one that I took this year.

A surprise visit!

My uncle, Muhammad Ali, whom I hadn’t seen in an extremely long time had come this year! He came from Canada and he brightened up the whole experience for me. I hope the next time that we come he’ll be here to visit again.

Going to Pakistan was a really good experience for me. I can not wait for the next time that we come!

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