S02E01 – Welcome back

Welcome back to season 2 of our adventure. We were missing a couple of families today but we should be back to our full strength in a few weeks!

We all talk about the “self”, we talk about “me” and our personality. I wanted to discuss with the kids what it meant to be “me”. We covered a few areas:

  • What is “truth”?
  • Can there be more versions of the truth?
  • What is “fact”?
  • What we confuse as “truth”, is it possible its only an opinion?
  • If “truth” can have many versions, then we should be more accepting of other people’s truth and not completely discard them because our truth is different.
  • Can a new version of the truth be created, if you get enough people to lie with you?
  • If we start replacing parts of a car called “Matilda”, to the point where all parts have been replaced, would it still be called “Matilda”?
  • Is it the brain that defines us?
  • Is it the body?
  • What happens if you transplant one person’s brain into a different body?
  • How do you feel about clones?
  • Do experiences and memories physically change our brain?
  • Can the brain survive on its own in a machine?
  • What’s the “soul”? Where does it live?
  • How come we all feel the room temperature differently when we are sitting in the same place?
  • Given that Valentine’s day was pretty recent, why do we see the heart shape everywhere?
  • How do emotions manifest physically?
  • If the brain is the most important part of the brain, how come we don’t take care of it like the rest of the body?
  • “Fear is learned” … a life-changing revelation, what does that tell us?
  • What does it mean to be open-minded?
  • What does it mean to be tolerant?
  • How can we justify that humans are better than animals?
  • What does it mean to be human?

An interesting conversation, hopefully, got the kids thinking about a few things.

Birthday Wishes for Adil

An opportunity to celebrate and eat cake should never be wasted! So we celebrated Adil’s birthday along with our first session!

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