what makes us human?

What do you classify yourself? Do you classify yourself as an animal? I am pretty sure you think of yourselves as humans. Have you ever asked yourself what makes you different from animals?

Well even though animals and humans have a lot of similarities they also have many differences. 

Most animals walk on 4 legs but humans on the other hand can stand and walk on two legs. This gives us  an advantage to hold, carry, pick up, throw, touch, and see from a higher vantage point,with vision as the dominant sense.

Along with with 2 legs humans also have a better brain.  The relative size, scale, and capacity of the human brain are greater than those of any other species. Which allows us to be more creative and invent all these things. Our brian is also designed to memorise or remember special events. This helps us survive in our world.

To conclude, humans are very unique and can accomplish whatever we desire. Our brain, bones and memories all helps us be the humans we are today 

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