What makes us human

We are all humans, but have you ever wondered what makes us a human? well they are some things I know that make us one…. religion, the human brain, imagination, blushing response and shoulders.


As we all know that we can’t do much of a work if we don’thave shoulders. Shoulders are good for hunting and throwing. It has lots of strenght. It also gives humans survival skills.


When you blush it is because you are embarresed. blushing is aslo a expression of emotion.


The human brain is 3 times the size of a gorrilas brain. The adult brain has about 86 billion nerouns.


The mind is different than the brain. The mind is all about your imagination, creativity and fore thought. The brain has the ability to think , intelligance.


Religions are sets of beliefs that is held by a group of people. The beliefs are about the world and the people in it.

Religion, shoulders, hand and legs, human brain, the mind and the blushing response. These all things make us a human.

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