What does it mean to be human?

So, we’ve been given an interesting topic for this blog post. What separates us from animals? Personally, I think it has nothing to do with emotions but rather our complex thinking process. Animals have an almost built-in thought process, especially among predators, “I see prey, I catch prey, I eat prey.”, whatever it takes to survive in the wild. But we’re much more complex, we have many ways of thinking and executing what we’ve thought. I would like to say that the only difference between us and animals is our actions and how collaboration in society makes a big difference.

No animal has a job!

Animals are very primitive. They have basic mindsets. “What does it take to survive”, is the only thing on their mind. Whereas for us everything is involved with passions, a love to do something, to be important. You don’t see birds decorating their nests just to make things look nice and appealing for any other bird that may be passing by. Everything is much more than pure survival for us. A big role of influence in this context is the “habitat” we would live in.

Complex minds, complex habitats.

Where we live has a complex net of social networking and gossip as well as politics and power, fueling the cities in order for them to develop even more. There’s always a competition running in our minds on who can have the best cities, best technologies, best clothes, best weapons. There is a much more complex hierarchy that is seen within these cities to be the best in what they love. The battle of mind rather than strength is a majority for the mindsets of us.

The battle of brains

Almost everything we do is based on how much more clever we can be in order to beat the next person and the next at something or another. Animals just focus on where their physical abilities can take them whereas everything else for us is much more based upon how smart we can play our cards.

We are all much more complex than animals, similarities only exist among the physical threshold, which is something we must look beyond.

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