What makes us human?🧐

It’s a fact, we’re human but what makes us human? How are we any diffrent to a cat or a dog? We all probably have different answers but here is mine!

If you were to take a look at an animal they have the basic knowlege. To eat, drink, hunt, build and Defecate/Urinate. An animal doesn’t really care if they look good or if their belongings look nice. Whatever they do is completely baised on whatever they need to do to survive. A bird doesn’t have a specific place to πŸ’© ,they just do it wherever they want. On your car, roof, a building, tables, chairs, etc. A bird just eats whatever they can find or if they have some sort of diet then they find t food according to their diet, maybe even off the floor.

Us humans think further than that. What makes us different is the way our minds think. We dont eat off the floor because maybe the item might have dirt on it and that dirt might have things inside of it that may make us sick. If we are sick then we have invented a thing called medicine and that usually makes us feel better. We have a toilet do do you know what instead of πŸ’© everywhere. If a bird does that on something then we have made something called a cleaning spray and a cloth to rub on properly.

We are always prepared for such things to happen. We may have items to help the situation or people to got to. That is what makes us human.

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