What does it mean to be a human? #2

In my first post, I wrote about “what is a human being”. In light of new information, in the last session. We learnt about some new keywords and we started asking questions about “what does being consciousness mean”.

“What does it mean to be a human?” is actually a philosophical question. Now you may be asking what does philosophical means. Well philosophical comes from the the word philosophy, which is the study or creation of ideas about existence, beliefs or politics. This question is philosophical because you can’t get only one answer. While you are trying to figure out what the question means, more questions related to it will pop up. So this means that everyone can have different opinions about these philosophical questions.

Some people believe in Darwin’s theory which is called “Theory Of Evolution”. Which is a theory that a man named Darwin came up with. His theory was that humans were born by monkeys and apes, many religions don’t agree with his theory, one example is Islam, which I am a follower of, where muslims believe that they were created by god.

Things we needed to research:

  • Law: A rule defining the correct behaviour or way in a country
  • Principle: Is a noun that means a basic idea or belief,
  • Theory: theories are ideas that are scientific, they help people discover about why things work or how things happen

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