What does it mean to be human?- based off what we’ve learned

Yes, we’re doing the same thing again. But this time, we’re talking about the discussion of what it means to be human based on what we learned in the last lesson.


One of the things that makes us so different is our ability to change and adapt rapidly. If you put us in a new job which we have no idea to do, in the time span of a week we’ll know the ins and outs of what we have to do. Our ability to adapt to situations puts us ahead of the rest of these organisms as we can learn to use and adjust based on our surroundings.


It’s not the fact that animals don’t have emotions, it’s the fact that we care about different things. Animals don’t care about what they have to do for their job in the morning, they care about survival. We care about relationships, objects, and much more material things. We feel pain when an object of sentimental value may break. That’s how we operate.


Yes, this topic is repetitive but true we socialize much more than animals. We have a much more intricate web of social life and we don’t care as much about hierarchy, which is the only thing, socially, living things care about.

Change is the biggest factor in what makes us unique. Whereas, with everything, we just do it to a much larger scale.

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