What makes us human?🤨🔍

Although we have already done this, we all have agreed on a few different things that make us human.

Socialising 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Animals and plants do communicate, us humans communicate in a different manner. When we talk to each other we talk about relationships, decisions, problems etc. Animals don’t really have many problems, a dog doesn’t really need to worry about anything; it’s owner has taken care of it’s food, water, shelter, health, basically all of its needs.

Curiosity 🧐

As humans we love to create and learn new things. By learning new things we are able to have a better understanding on knowing how to create everyday objects. An animal knows how to build a nest and doesn’t really care about the style but we do and that’s why we see different houses everyday. It’s either the colour or the design.🏘🏚🏡🏠

Our lives are very complex compared to animals, it’s not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing. We can’t decide ourselves that we are better. The only way would be if an alien comes to earth and decides if animals are better or humans. Aliens aren’t either so it’s only fair.

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