why do people panic-buy

Social media has been flooded with images of carts lined up at the check outs and having empty shelves. I don’t know if you are concerned but people shouldn’t buy 6 months’ worth toilet paper. People have started to panic – buy (means when due to sudden forthcoming shortage or price rise).

   People who have been attacked by the coronavirus should stay indoors to keep it from spreading to others. Centers for disease control and prevention have tried to tell people that they should stay for at least 2 weeks without them running to the grocery stores. Everyone should keep a stock of stuff that there pantry can hold. But at the same time you should not go overboard with your wallet. They are companies selling survival food kits. It may also include stuff you or your family just won’t eat. So if your family doesn’t like it, you shouldn’t buy it. You would just waste your money and the food.

To conclude, I would say that people who panic-buy, they shouldn’t because how do you know that it will last for long. You should buy only the amount of stuff your shelves can control. DON’T PANIC-BUY PEOPLE!

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