Coronavirus- panic buying and why we shouldn’t do it.

So recently, a pandemic known as COVID-19 aka Coronavirus has spread across the world. It has killed many people and it seems to be getting worse. People are panicking now and decide to buy obscene amounts of many things like toilet paper. So, I’m here to tell you why we shouldn’t do this and how it brings inconvenience to those who are acting rationally.

There’s no need to buy so much!

People, there is no need to buy this much toilet paper or flour. There is enough food and necessities to go around. All it is doing is causing other people to panic and do the same, you then empty the shelves so other people that are acting normally come to shopping centers with empty shelves. You don’t have to buy so much!

It doesn’t help anyone!

It doesn’t help anyone that you’re buying big amounts of everything. In fact, when most people go to supermarkets nowadays, they have to go to 5 different places to find a single bottle of hand sanitizer. It only brings inconvenience to those around you. Imagine this, if you didn’t buy everything in panic, the shelves wouldn’t be empty and will always be stocked, making it extremely to buy normal groceries for everyone.

I think after a while, people will begin to realize that panic buying is the wrong thing to do and the shelves will slowly be filled with the normal quantities once more.

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