Corona Virus answers

  1. Covid-19. Corona Virus. A virus that affects the lungs.
  2. Corona virus is a pandemic influenza that affects your lungs, your heart, it causes sore throat, it shortens your breath and gives you fever. Corona virus was called Corona because it was shaped like a crown and corona viruses meaning is crown in latin.
  3. Covid-19 is dangerous because it can cause severe things like heart attacks. The fuss is about toilet paper.
  4. Covid-19 is deadly but not that much.
  5. Yes here are some examples, 229E (alpha coronavirus, cNL63 (alpha coronavirus, OC43 (beta coronavirus, HKU1 (beta coronavirus)
  6. yes they can be more deadly and they havent had a pandemic.
  7. Old age and young age are at most risk mostly old. Other age groups arent safe they just dont have a high chance of getting it.
  8. This virus originated from Wuhan, China and it started on december 31
  9. Nothing
  10. We have to stay away from people by 1.5m, not hang out with people, only go shopping when necessary and not to carry it around
  11. A lockdown is when your forced to stay home because of something. It might help to stop the germs from spreading.
  12. There are 4 stages of lockdown. We are in stage 3. Stage 3 restrictions. There will be 4 reasons to leave your house, for food and supplies, for excersice, for medical care and for work and education if necessary. Also gathrings of more than 2 people will be off limits.
  13. My opinion is yes. This should be the way to find a cure.
  14. In about 18 months or so.
  15. no because a vaccine is something that is taken before you have the disease and a cure is something to take after you have been infected with the virus. There isnt a cure.

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