you open a door you see a giant box whats in it?

 Hi my name is alley grant. I use to live in the city but my dad found a job in a small town so we had to move. The new house we were living in had many different scary stories. Everybody thought it was haunted. But I didn’t think so. In the city I didn’t have any friends. I don’t know if you knew but I had loads of trouble making new friends.

  It was around 12 o clock at night when my footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs as I walked towards my bedroom door. As I turned the handle, I saw a giant box. A shiver went down my spine and a camel lump went up my throat. I was jumbled. I tried listening to any sounds that would come out but there was nothing. I took a massive step to look what was in it.

     I couldn’t believe it, it was an empty bag. I thought in my head that why someone would put an empty bag in a humongous box. After a couple of hours of thinking about what to do with the bag I decided that I would keep it so that I could store my things inside it.

The next day I went to get something out of the bag that I found. But you would never believe what I saw, everything I had put in there had a duplicate of itself. I was shocked and confused. “Maybe I’m just imagining stuff” I said to myself. But I knew it was the truth. I took a deep breath and let out a huge scream. I was frustrated and just didn’t know what to do.

 I drank a cup of water so that I could refresh my mind. I thought about it and had the perfect idea. What about I sell these things. I could put something in the bag so that it could get duplicated. I would make a great amount of money. I might be able to win the fame. I might be able to tell everybody that this house is not haunted. I might finally make new friends. Wondering all about this my dad came in and asked what happened. I told him everything. He was surprised and thought I was joking until I actually showed what the bag could do.

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