life after lockdown, what has changed ?

Covid -19 made the whole world go in lockdown. It all began in 2019 in china. Many people believe that it all started because people in china ate bats. But I don’t think that’s the only reason of this cause. Covid-19 stands for coronavirus. Covid-19 has made us all suffer physically and mentally. I don’t know if you know that shops, offices, schools and any other public areas have been closed. The prime minister said that we will be in lockdown for however long they have to.

 Australia has been donating money to other countries. The prime minister said that the only time you can leave your house is when you have to go for a walk or any type of exercise. If you are caught while playing outside you will get a $1600 fine. People are allowed to take their pets for a walk outside.

When first the prime minister announced that schools will be closed all the students were excited but after a few days they realized that they won’t be able to see their friends. In a lockdown many people just sit around and say that they are bored. I don’t think it is a good thing that people have to stay inside because they won’t socialize and probably would get a bad eyesight because of them being on their phones, or you’re TV.

 Do you know what panic- buying is? It is when people buy stuff in a fear of closing down or going in a lockdown. Many people panic-buy because they think that if the world goes in lockdown they won’t be able to buy stuff. The health minister announced that this disease has started to get better. People have been wondering what their life would be after lockdown.

The good thing about being in lockdown is that…………

  1. You won’t get effected by the disease.
  2. You will get more time to spend with your family.
  3. For some people they wouldn’t have to go to school.( not for me)
  4. You can sleep in.
  5. Do your chores
  6. Clean the house / or help your mum.

Bad things about being in lockdown…………….

  1. Kids will miss school.
  2. Adults will have no job.
  3. Kids will watch too much of technology and get bad eyesight.
  4. Lose contact with their friends.
  5. People won’t socialize physically. 
  6. Will probably get lazy.
  7. You won’t be able to go anywhere.
  8. Your flights would be canceled.

To conclude, I would say that life after lockdown would not be the same but it will only be a temporary effect. After a couple of weeks you will probably come back to your regular lives. I think that the world should not go in lockdown because you will stop meeting with people you would probably have less education and other things.

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